4 ways to demonstrate PR ROI

Public relations is maturing into its own recognized discipline, with more formal education programs, professional associations and development opportunities. Organizations are coming around as well. PR pros are showing up more and more at the senior leadership table, able to contribute to the decision making and priority setting of the company. All good things.

But the big question mark that hangs over our heads is: how do you measure your effectiveness? Continue reading 4 ways to demonstrate PR ROI


5 tips for Twitter chat success

Twitter chats have been around for about as long as Twitter, but there has never been more to gain from sharing your thoughts with an engaged audience. Putting yourself out there is fantastic for your personal brand as it establishes you as a thought leader in your chosen niche, and can raise your status to industry influencer in no time. In the end, you’ll have more followers, more engagement outside the chats, and you’ll find some likeminded, interesting people to fill your feed. Continue reading 5 tips for Twitter chat success

10 quotable quotes on communication

We don’t often connect Albert Einstein [pictured above] with insights about communications, but as one of the most brilliant minds in the last century, I think it’s fair that we at least hear him out. I often draw on minds greater than my own to help me get a point across, for if there is one truism in this world, it’s that it has all been said and done before.

So, whether you’re looking for guidance, inspiration or validation, quotes from notable communicators can be just the thing to remind you why you got into public relations and communications in the first place. Continue reading 10 quotable quotes on communication

The ABCs of why Trump matters in Canadian politics

While the election cycle in the States is in full swing over a year in advance, Canadians have bemoaned the announcement of our exhausting 11 week federal election campaign. By Canadian standards, it’s a long haul, but nothing compared to our southern neighbours.

Our top four contenders have started their stump speeches and the rhetoric is amping up after the first leadership debate, but the general feeling in the public they’re trying to convince is that it’s too early to really pay attention.

By contrast, Donald Trump is stomping all over America, and anyone in his way. In a short span, he’s been accused of racism, sexism, and a good measure of narcissism to boot. If nothing else, Trump’s no-holds-barred approach to his presidency bid has a few lessons for aspiring national leaders here in Canada. Continue reading The ABCs of why Trump matters in Canadian politics

Taking the gloves off: how to defuse a war of words

Alright, so I’m a bit off schedule this week as it was a long weekend here in Canada, and I just could not bring myself to post a half-hearted blog that would essentially be filler. So, without further ado, let’s get rolling on this week’s topic …

In public or in the boardroom, between the clearly marked borders of unethical decision making, workplace bullying, harassment, and generally not being a good person, is a blurry middle ground that many have found themselves trapped in. It was a fleeting mistake; a trivial matter that escalated out of control; a heated argument that reflects poorly on everyone involved. For simplicity’s sake, let’s call it “Unprofessional Conduct”. Continue reading Taking the gloves off: how to defuse a war of words

3 Twitter experiments to grow your followers

I’ve hit another critical milestone this week, reaching over 500 Twitter followers in just over a month’s time. I’m tracking well ahead of my projected timeline, attempting to reach 1,000 followers by the end of December 2015.

In the beginning, the growth was exponential, and I thought that I might really overachieve on my target, but recently that growth has leveled off a bit. Now is a good time to take stock in my progress and make some revisions for the way forward. When I reached 100 followers I did a quick recap of that experience, and I think another batch of learnings is in order. Continue reading 3 Twitter experiments to grow your followers

The tweet heard around the world

I had an incredible moment the other day. It was a revelation, really. It was all about communication and the idea of convergence that got me all excited. It began on Twitter, led me to a website, came back to the Comm n’ Sense blog, and ended up back on Twitter.

It left me feeling like there was a world of opportunity being left unexplored. It was one that defeated the 140 character limit, defeated the six second video limit, and differentiated a pair of insightful social media and design gurus from a sea of competition. Continue reading The tweet heard around the world