4 steps to make the most of your LinkedIn profile

UPDATE: This article is now also available as a Slideshare!

Whether you’re looking to land your first job, a new job, or start a new business, LinkedIn is the place to be to establish your professional digital presence. It is the leading social media platform to connect with your colleagues, showcase your work experience and accomplishments, learn from prominent influencers in your industry, and publish your own updates and long-form posts to raise your profile.

Many know the basics of setting up their social media profiles, but here are a few lesser known tidbits that could help you reach your goals or put you over the top: Continue reading 4 steps to make the most of your LinkedIn profile


Comms & The Bottom Line

The distinction between strategic partner and tactician is key. The best way to make sure that alternative opinions are heard is to ensure the one delivering the message (often the communications head) must have the full confidence and trust of the leadership team.

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All too often, communications directors face management teams which regard communications people as add-ons, nice-to-have but non-essential parts of the business. Now there’s proof that the right kind of communications can help a company achieve its business goals.

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The tweet heard around the world

I had an incredible moment the other day. It was a revelation, really. It was all about communication and the idea of convergence that got me all excited. It began on Twitter, led me to a website, came back to the Comm n’ Sense blog, and ended up back on Twitter.

It left me feeling like there was a world of opportunity being left unexplored. It was one that defeated the 140 character limit, defeated the six second video limit, and differentiated a pair of insightful social media and design gurus from a sea of competition. Continue reading The tweet heard around the world

The road to success is paved with templates

Now that you’ve completed your strategic communications audit, you’ve likely discovered a few deficiencies that you’re in the process of figuring out how to handle.

One of the possible culprits is your brand’s consistency – or its inconsistency, to be more accurate. The look and feel of your organization does not begin and end with its public facing materials. For your brand to truly grow and flourish, it must be lived throughout the organization, in every conceivable incarnation, including your internal documents. Continue reading The road to success is paved with templates

4 things I’ve learned from my first 100 Twitter followers

It’s been a grand total of three weeks since I took my first deep dive into social media, Twitter specifically, with any sort of concerted effort. Not long enough to pretend I know it all, but enough time to say that I’ve learned a few things that are worth sharing. Continue reading 4 things I’ve learned from my first 100 Twitter followers

5 point check-up for your communications

UPDATE: This article is now also available as a Slideshare!

I was driving to my local mechanic to address an unwanted clink (or was it a clunk?) that was beyond my expertise. I know the basics of taking care of my car, but I was without the necessary diagnostic tools to figure what the problem was, let alone the remedy.

So I pulled into the shop and then it hit me. Perhaps this is why so many struggle with their messaging, stakeholder relations, and sales targets. They never bring their comms in for regular maintenance.

The single best tool for figuring out how to fine-tune your messaging is the Communications Audit. With it, you take stock of your tactics, channel selection and evaluate their results so that you have a complete understanding of whether or not you are being successful. Too many businesses rely on their standard marketing metrics and never take the time to optimize their comms.

So whether it is a DIY project, or you bring in an outside perspective, here’s a 5 point check-up for your comms engine. Continue reading 5 point check-up for your communications

Comm n’ Sense is not so common

When engaging your key stakeholders, communication, or comm, has as many definitions as it has practitioners. Sense, is equally amorphous as a great many seem to lack it. New media, channels and platforms emerge every day, adding new tools and tactics to our communications mix, but what is practical and effective for your business? How do you begin to piece it all together? Continue reading Comm n’ Sense is not so common