How to effectively measure public relations

Photo courtesy of Niuton may on Flickr Photo courtesy of Niuton may on Flickr

Rob Swystun, Pristine Advisers

While it’s important to keep track of the amount of content you’re sending out, tracking the effectiveness of public relations campaigns shouldn’t just be about that, as tracking the amount of content won’t give you an accurate depiction of whether the PR campaign is actually working.

The true measure of a PR campaign’s success is outcomes and behavioral changes, according to William Mills Agency account director David Jones, writing for The Financial Brand.

While advertising and marketing initiatives will often have a direct and measurable impact on success, the true impact of PR programs is more difficult to gauge.

The core of any PR program will have the following three goals, Jones says:

  1. Reach a particular audience with a specific message,
  2. Influence the audience to make a change or take an action.
  3. Create a positive effect on the…

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Ashley Brown, APR

I have seen and done it all, on large and small scales, including communications planning, event coordination, print production, digital presence management, media relations, and more. Bringing in an outside perspective, with an objective set of eyes to pour over your organization's communications programs is considered best practice and yields actionable results. I gather anecdotal and empirical evidence to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your current communications programs, and make suggestions about how to improve your planning and execution processes, as well as your communications products and materials.

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