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The tweet heard around the world

I had an incredible moment the other day. It was a revelation, really. It was all about communication and the idea of convergence that got me all excited. It began on Twitter, led me to a website, came back to the Comm n’ Sense blog, and ended up back on Twitter.

It left me feeling like there was a world of opportunity being left unexplored. It was one that defeated the 140 character limit, defeated the six second video limit, and differentiated a pair of insightful social media and design gurus from a sea of competition.

The interaction began simple enough, as most revelations seem to do, with a simple exploration of some Twitter follower suggestions. I spotted Team Hommaku, a Toronto-based digital firm that is difficult to pigeonhole. They design and create content for their blog, vlog, and podcast, and then they do it all on behalf of their clients as well. After checking out their profile, I thought it might be interesting and clicked the follow button.

Soon afterward, I received a direct message with a quick thank you and a link to their website. Standard Twitter fare to be sure, but there was something about the conversational, unscripted tone of the message that prompted me to find out more. I began scrolling through their website, dreamthinkdesign.com, finding out more about the team, and checking out the tonnes of free content and sage advice they provide. I decided to reply and let them know my positive impression, and that’s when it got amazing! See the exchange below:

Real video in his tweet? Sweet!

When I received a personalized message from the team, with an embedded video message, connected with a slew of trending hashtags, I knew that these guys were the real deal. They understood the impact of authentic audience interaction, the importance of creating a genuine connection, and had the know-how to achieve maximum exposure for both parties. All of this, and I’m not even a customer. And, despite what you might think at this point, nor am I a partner in their business. This is just how they do.

That’s when I took to my audience to let them know about my experience. The conversation continued …

In the final analysis, I was obviously too infatuated with the conversation to think about it at the time, the only thing I would change is the hashtags. To be more targeted, I would suggest opting for more meaningful hashtags for Team Hommaku and whomever they’re communicating with. Just including what is currently trending feels a bit spammy in retrospect.

However, that’s the power of social media. The ability to connect, share and grow your business with by leveraging a platform to its full potential in creative and innovative ways. Hommaku is humble and not taking direct credit for the innovation, indicating that they were introduced to it in a similar fashion, but they are applying it in an interesting way and I hope to replicate their success. Kudos.

Have you seen some great displays of social media prowess that you’d like to share? Leave a comment and I’ll provide a video response!

photo credit: i’m tweeting this via photopin (license)


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Ashley Brown, APR

I have seen and done it all, on large and small scales, including communications planning, event coordination, print production, digital presence management, media relations, and more. Bringing in an outside perspective, with an objective set of eyes to pour over your organization's communications programs is considered best practice and yields actionable results. I gather anecdotal and empirical evidence to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your current communications programs, and make suggestions about how to improve your planning and execution processes, as well as your communications products and materials.

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